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Dog bags are a practical and convenient solution of pet carriers for the smallest dogs, very useful all year round, but especially when it’s cold because they represent a warm shelter and an efficient means of transport when the four-legged is tired of walking. What are the most beautiful models? Discover the selection of the best Ferplast fabric bags!

Convincing the dog to leave the house if the temperatures outside are unpleasant is difficult, even more so if it is small in size and therefore much more sensitive to the cold. But instead of letting him walk all the time on a leash, we can cheer him up by taking him around inside a comfortable Ferplast fabric bag. The evergreen and timeless models are Milù, Bijoux, Borsello and the Trip backpack, characterized by a refined design, sober and fashionable colors and with the advantage of being very easy to clean, just put them in the washing machine at 30 ° C to make them come back as new.

Milù bag

Milù is one of the most practical bags of the whole collection, because it is capacious and has sturdy extendable nylon handles, so it can be worn over the shoulder: a perfect solution if we need both hands free. The soft internal padding with which it is fitted guarantees the four-legged friend maximum comfort during transportation.

Milù has a shaped upper part and side openings wide enough to allow the dog to keep his head out and enjoy the view blissfully; the external plastic safety strap allows you to keep Milù well closed and at the same time to open it with a single gesture.

The Milù cotton bag is available in three different sizes and in various colors and patterns.

Bijoux bag

Modern and super sporty Bijoux is a cotton bag, extremely practical and comfortable. It has a shape that allows you to always keep an eye on the animal, also has a zipper closure, adjustable strap and side pocket where you can store all the accessories necessary during your walks. Thanks to the presence of a small internal carabiner that attaches to the dog’s collar or harness, you can walk safely without the worry that the furry can jump out and run away suddenly.


Borsello is a classic among the classics, the it-bag that all dogs and owners love. This cotton bag is super soft and comfortable thanks to the padding, it also has a slot that allows the dog to pop out with the head to see the outside environment from a privileged position. It is available in various colors but our favorites are definitely the brand new ones in lilac and blue. Borsello is equipped with a zipper and safety strap to be attached to the collar or the harness and has a side pocket where you can insert what you need like hygienic bags.

The purple Trip backpack

There are those who prefer the backpack to the bag, both for a fashion and health reason: wearing a backpack allows you to walk without clutter and helps you to distribute the load symmetrically on both shoulders. The Trip backpack by Ferplast is equipped with two sturdy straps to be carried on the shoulder and bear the weight of the dog and is complete with a comfortable elastic tape for closing. If you find yourself in crowded places and want to keep Fido under control, you can safely use Trip on the chest, and it is this versatility that makes it an indispensable accessory!

These bags can be a great purchase even if you need to carry your puppy to the vet for vaccinations.

What is your favorite?

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