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If you love snow and cold, you must absolutely find a furry friend for your adventures, a dog that is just as fearless as you. Although almost all dogs love snow, some breeds in particular see it as their natural element and would practically not live without it. These are the best breeds of snow dogs, all adapted to life in cold climates!

There are many breeds of snow dogs that can stand low temperatures and that love being in the snow; many of them are sled dogs, selected for their strength and resistance, and are used to pull snow sleds.


The most famous snow dog is the Siberian husky, with his ice-blue eyes and a sharp spirit of sacrifice – we all remember Bolt, don’t we? This is a dog that we start loving from the get-go. Huskies come from the remote lands of Siberia, where they were used as work dogs due to their strength, resistance and speed, characteristics sent down generation to generation. It’s not surprising that these dogs love pulling sleds and thanks to their agility, they’re the best breed for sled dogging.


Greenland Dogs are as northerner as can be. They come from Greenland, of course, and are direct descendants of Arctic wolves, and they love howling just like their wild peers. Always associated to the Inuit peoples, they live in areas where temperatures are super low, among perennial snow and glaciers, and they’re dogs that need wide open spaces where they can move, hunt and work – they’re absolutely not suited for life indoors or in the city. This is a very strong breed that doesn’t bond with a particular human; they’re not exactly watchdogs and, most of all, are not easy to train, as their predatory instincts will always overrule everything else. Greenland dogs have a double coat of fur: an inner coat that is dense, but soft, and an outer one that is smooth, compact and rough.


This breed is named after the Samoyed peoples in northern Russia and Siberia. Their fur is as white and thick as the snow they love, to the point they look like living stuffed animals. But their fur is not only beautiful; it serves to protect them against the weather and extreme temperatures. Samoyeds love pulling sleds, but they’re more suitable as pet therapy dogs than as sled dogs. Their eyes are brown and almond-shaped; together with the shape of their mouths, they make them seem like they’re always smiling, hence the expression “Samoyed smile”.


St Bernard dogs are the most famous mountain and snow dogs in everybody’s collective imagination, due to their classic representation with a typical barrel in their collar, helping skiers and climbers in trouble. This breed originates from the Swiss and northern Italian Alps, and although they have a very powerful physique, they’re extremely sweet and affectionate. St Bernards can live outdoors in extreme weather conditions and never blink an eye: a quick shake is enough to get rid of ice and snow accumulated on their backs!


Akita dogs, just like the Shiba Inu, come from Japan, and for years have been used to hunt bears in cold, snowy territories. Their body is strong and elegant; their almond-shaped eyes and their smooth, compact coat allows them to be warm even when the temperatures are low. One of their favourite hobbies is playing and rolling in the snow; biting on bunches of snow drives them nuts with joy!

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