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Summer is here, and while we love the sunny days, our feathered friends might find the heat a bit challenging. Whether you have canaries, parrots, or parakeets, it’s important to know how to keep pet birds cool in hot weather.

Birds don’t have sweat glands, and their body temperature is slightly higher than ours. While they have mechanisms to regulate their temperature, the summer heat can still cause discomfort.

How to Tell If Your Birds Are Feeling the Heat

Birds maintain a constant body temperature. In addition, their body temperature is slightly higher than that of mammals, in fact it is around 40 degrees. For these reasons, the cold season poses a greater danger to birds, but summer heat and mugginess should not be underestimated, as they can also create serious discomfort for these small animals. 

If they’re feeling hot, they might:

  • Breathe faster with their beak open to disperse heat and eliminate water vapor.
  • Keep their plumage tight to their body and spread their wings slightly.

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How to Take Care of Birds in Summer

If you notice your birds showing these signs, here are some tips to help them beat the heat:

Create a Cool Space

Find a cool spot in your house for your bird’s cage, away from direct sunlight.

Provide Fresh Water

Ensure your birds always have fresh, clean water. Consider adding a bird bath like Ferplast’s Rio for them to cool off.

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Avoid Draughts

While ventilation is important, avoid placing the cage in a draught.

Keep the Cage Clean

With rising temperatures, germs and bacteria can thrive. Keep the cage clean by sanitizing it regularly.

Monitor Food

Remove fresh food after a few hours to prevent it from rotting in the heat.

Protect from Insects

Watch out for mosquitoes or other insects that might harm your birds.

Indoor or Outdoor?

Birds love being outdoors! You can leave the cage outside, but ensure it’s not in direct sunlight or draughts. Consider covering the cage with a mosquito net for protection.

Remember these tips for love birds summer care and ensure your feathered friends have a happy and healthy summer!

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