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Ferplast pettorina Ergotrekking
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Do you love hiking with your dog in the mountains? It’s an unforgettable experience for both of you, especially during the summer. But, to ensure your furry friend’s comfort and safety, you need the right gear.

Ferplast has a selection of must-have dog mountain gear for your next adventure!

The Perfect Leash for Mountain Hiking

A leash and harness suitable for the mountain environment are essential for your dog’s comfort and safety. .The mountains are indeed a place of well-being for your dog, but beware of certain dangers! That is why it is always a good idea to have a leash at hand, especially if you plan to take trails at high altitudes.

The Flippy One leash by Ferplast is perfect for mountain hikes. It’s extendable, giving your dog freedom of movement, and features an ergonomic button for easy adjustment: free sliding, momentary lock and permanent lock. This makes it possible for you to adjust the lead to suit your needs. Finally, the handle is ergonomic and comfortable and is resistant to the dog’s stresses, to ensure perfectly safe walks and outings!

Ferplast guinzaglio Flippy One Cord

For more challenging treks, the robust Ergocomfort leash ensures you can keep your dog close and safe.

If, on the other hand, you are looking for a traditional but robust leash, you can opt for Ergocomfort. Very robust, it features a comfortable ergonomic handle to ensure a secure grip and maximum comfort. 

If you choose to take an easy walk with your dog and immerse yourself in nature, the Flippy One lead will be perfect. He will feel very free in his movements and will be able to explore his surroundings away from his owner, but in complete safety.

If, on the other hand, you and your pet enjoy trekking and steeper, more challenging walks, the robust Ergocomfort leash will help you keep an eye on your dog at all times and prevent him from straying and running into danger.

Harnesses for Mountain Safety

Ferplast’s Hercules and Ergotrekking harnesses are designed for mountain adventures. They’re made of strong materials, secure, and feature reflective bands for visibility. Plus, they have a comfortable handle for extra control and allowing you to help him overcome any obstacles along the way. 

Ferplast Hercules cane in montagna

The anti-panic harness for dogs Ergotrekking on the other hand, thanks to its innovative ergonomic shape, ensures an optimal fit and distributes the traction evenly over the animal’s chest without affecting the neck. It has six comfortable adjustable fastening points and a patented micro-adjustment system that allows easy adaptation to your pet’s size. 

Ferplast pettorina Ergotrekking maniglione

Essential Dog Mountain Accessories

Once you have chosen the best leash and harness for your dog’s walks in the mountains, you should equip yourself with other essential accessories. 

Always remember to take food with you! You can opt for some snacks and kibble, which you can store in convenient travel containers such as Pet Ristò! In addition, you will find the Yappy travel bowl, made of non-slip silicone rubber, ideal for your dog’s food and water in the mountains. It folds up into itself and takes up very little space. You can easily slip it into a bag or backpack and always have it at hand, ready for use. 

If you want to take fresh, clean water with you, you can alternatively opt for Water bottle designed specifically for travelling with your pet. Once closed, it takes up little space and allows you to always quench your furry friend’s thirst. 

Ferplast ciotola rossa Yappy

Your rucksack absolutely cannot be without multi-purpose sanitising wipes, such as the Genico Fresh by Ferplast. These are moistened cleaning wipes with a pleasant refreshing effect. They are alcohol-free and therefore particularly gentle on the skin and also suitable for puppies. 

Finally, since the weather in the mountains can also change very quickly, remember to always carry a windproof cape as a precaution. The Sailor by Ferplast is excellent for sheltering your dog in the mountains from rain and gusts of wind, thanks to its waterproof fabric and comfortable hood. 

With these essentials, you and your dog are ready to conquer the mountains! Stay safe and enjoy your adventure.

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