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Ferplast cani gabbia Superior
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Summer is here, and it’s time for those much-anticipated holidays! As pet parents, we know that our four-legged friends are an integral part of our family, and they too deserve to enjoy these sunny escapades. 

To make your furry friend’s travels more comfortable and safe, a portable kennel is a necessity. Ferplast, known for its quality pet accessories, offers a selection of portable kennels designed for your dog’s comfort and your peace of mind. In this blog, we’ll be comparing two top contenders: the Superior dog crate and the Holiday portable kennels.

Ferplast gabbia cani Superior e Holiday

Superior: Your Dog’s Home Away From Home

Designed with the utmost attention to detail and made from robust, durable materials, the Superior crate is truly a home away from home for your pet. This spacious kennel is perfect also for larger dogs, providing ample room for your pet to move around.

The Superior crate key feature is its excellent ventilation system, ensuring that your dog remains cool during those hot summer days. It also boasts a safety locking system for total security duting travel or your stay at the accommodation. Furthermore, the roof can be completely opened and removed, convenient because it allows you to pet and reassure the dog. The plastic base contains dirt and ensures a dry and stable environment for your friend thanks to the special draining system and non-slip surface. In addition, the bottom is equipped with non-slip rubber pads that keep the box firm to the floor during use. 

A comfortable cotton cushion can be added to be chosen from the wide Ferplast large dog bed range. 

To further protect your dog, ensuring them privacy and tranquility during transport, it is also possible to purchase the appropriate cover, made of waterproof and scratch-resistant fabric. The Cover is equipped with elastic bands that allow it to be easily adapted to the cage and has roll-up windows on both the door and roof sides of the box.

Sets up easily without any tools and is completely foldable.

Ferplast cani gabbia Superior

Holiday: Compact and Comfortable

If you are tired of the usual pet carrier and are looking for something more comfortable and less bulky, we suggest you opt for the Holiday portable kennel by Ferplast!

It is a perfect product both when travelling by car and when stationed at an accommodation facility, hotel, campsite or other. 

The practicality and convenience of the Holiday portable kennel lies in its structure. Available in 4 different seizes, It’s ideal for small and medium sized dogs.  Made from super tough fabric has a metal frame structure which is light but sturdy and ensures great solidity once mounted. 

The Holiday portable kennel features a comfortable mattress for your dog maximum comfort. The 3 large side windows can be closed for the total relaxation of your dogs or just shaded with the roller blinds provided to ensure proper ventilation inside. it will become a place of tranquillity for your pet even during the holiday period. 

Holiday has useful pockets in which you can store things like a bottle for water, packets of your pet’s favourite biscuits or kibble.

When not in use the Holiday portable kennel really takes up little room.

Ready to travel with your pet? Choose the best for your travels and rely on Ferplast’s experience and quality!

viaggiare con cani trasportino Holiday Ferplast

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