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St. Valentine’s day is just around the corner, there’s little time left. Why shouldn’t we buy something really special for our dog to show him just how much we love him (or, of course, her!) and to thank him for the unconditional love he gives us. We have selected a few things we know he will simply adore and make our homes cheerful and romantic too, thanks to the many different red heart and kiss-shaped designs.

Giving is a lovely gesture and if you don’t have a pet then you could get a gift for some neighbourhood association that takes care of abandoned animals and cheer them up! They are always grateful for food bowls and bedding, both items that need regular replacement. Sometimes you don’t need to have a pet to show that you love animals. It’s a lovely way to celebrate St. Valentine’s day, giving something to a creature that has no home or family of his own.

But let’s get back to our romantic Ferplast gift selection. Let’s start with Glam bowls, which we showed you when we talked about training your dog. They belong to a new and colourful line that is, well, very Glam! They come in all sorts of shades, but for St. Valentine’s it really should be red.

The Cherie line of doggie cushions are ideal (and romantic touches) for the home. The covers can be removed for washing and they feature I LOVE MY DOG on them. And the Freddy is also fun and full of love, a big black and red heart.

And now… dog houses for the unabashedly romantic side of you. Coccolo is decorated with the same bright red heart and kisses design, and is very comfortable with high padded sides and a lowered gable in front. And for the kitties in your life? We have something for them too. They can enjoy sleeping in a Ferplast Tipi with a Love pattern, a really cute igloo cats simply adore.

Gift ideas for walks about town? The star of the street these days is the wide band retractable Amigo lead that comes with plenty of changeable covers. For St. Valentine’s day we’ve dressed it in red, but you can replace the cover with any design or colour that pleases you, and the dog, of course!

There’s plenty to choose from. Let your heart make the choice, your dog will be delighted. And don’t forget to give him plenty of cuddles and love, that’s an important part of the St. Valentine’s day gift too!.

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