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Ferplast always stays in step with the times when it comes to the world of pets, but it always keeps a close eye on fashion trends too. This is why we’ve decided to discuss the topic of fashion and design much more often, so that we can share our passion with you.

Let’s start with this Spring-Summer season’s most popular trends: full skirts and floral prints.

Flowers are the perfect symbol of Spring and have returned to the runways of the fashion world, together with that must-have female garment: the full skirt.

The most popular flowers are tulips and roses, but abstract and stylised flowers also do their bit for that total look, for that feminine flair, that soft chic. Even for minimalist styles, in black and white. Stars on the runways of the greatest of designers, the floral print is the max for any woman who wants to be sophisticated, but casual too.

A garment designed in the 1950s by Christian Dior has also made a come-back on the runways and in wardrobes: we’re talking about the full skirt, ideal to highlight the figure and add allure to those who wear it. It recalls the times of Marilyn Monroe and Sofia Loren, it is versatile and adaptable to any occasion. The full skirt, if worn in just the right way, exalts all the plusses and hides all the minuses as it enhances the female shape.

The right look is created quite easily with simple and timeless tops. Isabel Marant combines the full skirt with a white T-shirt, J Crew with a striped sweater and Michael Kors with a jeans blouse.

So let’s hear it for coloured skirts with floral prints to be worn with tennis shoes and combined with Ferplast’s Amigo line of collars for dogs. They come with a variety of changeable covers to match the owner’s every look and are so versatile they offer more than 100 combinations of leash and cover so that it’s impossible not to find just the right one for you!

Stampa-floreale-ferplast-foto-gonna-ruota Stampa-floreale-ferplast-foto-gonna-ruota-moda-2015 Stampa-floreale-ferplast-foto-gonna-ruota-amigo Stampa-floreale-ferplast-gonna-ruota-moda

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