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Landog is the Brazilian blog written by Stephanie Landim, a young girl interested in fashion and in animals, and, in particularly, in love with her inseparable dogs.

We Ferplast people have known her for years, and invited her to visit us during her recent trip to Italy.

Hi, Stephanie! It’s a pleasure to finally meet you! Could you tell us how your blog started, and this passion you have for animals and fashion?


Two years ago, I started blogging about pets, more specifically dogs, but it was mostly just a hobby. I’ve always loved dogs, and I have lots of them. I have 5 in my house in São Paulo, in Brazil, and I’ve adopted 35 abandoned dogs as well, which I keep in our country house.
After getting my degree in branding at Polimoda, the International Institute of Fashion, Design and Marketing, in Florence, I felt like combining my passion for fashion with my love for dogs, and this is how Landog came to be. It was a challenge, but I wanted to turn my passion into a job, and I did it.


What do you like writing about on Landog?


Landog was created to be a space where I can share my life experience with animals, and to help people who are maybe looking for pet-friendly restaurants, top-quality collars, or any other specific product for their furry friend. I update it every day with the current best trends.


Those are really a LOT of dogs! How do they all get along?


My 5 dogs have a lot of space to play. My Shih Tzus are great friends, and get along just fine.


Here in Italy, more and more venues and public places are becoming dog-friendly – beaches, for examples. What’s the situation like in Brazil?


Here, unfortunately, dogs can’t go inside shops or malls. But Brazilians are very ingenious, and so as not to renounce the company of our friends, we often use prams for pets! They’re very fashionable right now, and are accepted in public venues. They’re the price we pay to be together with them at all times. But there are also restaurants and cafes that welcome pets, and I mention them on my blog so that people can go out with their loyal friends. I hope that doing this will help spread a pet-friendly culture in Brazil as well.


We would like to thank Stephanie for coming to see us and for finding out how Ferplast works from within to ensure the quality and safety of its products.


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