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The warmer weather begs us to spend time out of doors, and anyone who for months has been thinking of joining a gym but never did, no longer has any excuses: the dog will help us get back in shape!

Exercise is good for everyone – humans and beasts. No one doubts this. It has been scientifically proven that sport not only improves your level of fitness, but it also benefits your mind. And you don’t even have to strain yourself too much to see the results. Experts say that walking at a good pace for at least 20 mins a day is even better than more strenuous exercise. In the end, consistency wins over intensity.

No more excuses, also because exercise benefits not just our bodies, but that of our dog as well. Animals need to be active, to play, run and be challenged so that they don’t get bored and grow fat. It improves their lives. People who tend to be overweight usually have overweight dogs too. A lazy pet owner usually has a pet in need of exercise.


Let’s take a look at how many calories we can burn playing with our dog:

  • A 1 HOUR WALK: between 200 and 300 calories, depending on our body weight
  • POWER-WALK FOR 1 HOUR: from 270 to 315 calories
  • WALKING UPHILL FOR AN HOUR: from 300 to 360 calories


If we walk the dog for an hour a day, five days a week and if we follow a healthy and balanced low calorie diet, we’ll lose those unwanted winter pounds without even suffering.

It’s also important to wear the proper clothes for this type of activity, comfortable sportswear for us and for the dog, too! We suggest you use a ERGOCOMFORT collar and lead made from quality high tech material that is resistant and lasts over time. Ergocomfort leads have an ergonomic handle designed to offer a safe and secure grip for maximum comfort during long runs or walks. The lead is a nylon fabric that is highly resistant even when subjected to sudden or prolonged pulling.


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