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Ferplast Orecchie cani sono calde
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Has it ever happened to your dog to have hot ears? Ears are one of the most important parts of these animals’ anatomy and represent a valuable communication vehicle for them. 

It is essential to observe the behaviour and signals that our dog gives us, including through this important body part, which is a real means of communication between pet and human being. 

Causes of hot ears in dogs

The dog’s ears are particularly delicate because they are supplied with blood vessels and are responsible for regulating body temperature. These in fact have the function of keeping heat loss under control.

If you notice that your ear temperature rises, the reasons may be related to physiological or pathological causes. Before becoming alarmed, it is a good idea to analyse the situation and, if necessary, take action.

Ferplast Orecchie calde cani

Hot ears in dogs: physiological causes

There are certain times when your dog’s ears will tend to get hot. It is therefore good to be able to recognise when this happens and why. 

  • When they sleep: during your dog’s naps, their body will tend to store more heat. That is why their ears may be warmer.
  • Physical activity: during play, running or any physical exertion, the body temperature rises, as does the temperature of the ears.
  • Hot weather: during very hot days there can be a marked increase in temperature. In such cases, it is recommended that your pet rests in a cool, ventilated environment.

Hot ears in dogs: pathological causes

There are, however, some cases in which a dog’s warm ears can be an important warning sign for disorders and diseases that should not be underestimated. Here are some cases in which they are a valid warning sign.

  • Heat stroke: in an environment where the temperature is very high, your dog may suffer heat stroke. In such cases it is important to intervene immediately by cooling your pet.
  • Fever: Your four-legged friend may… have a fever! Fever in dogs is an indication of a problem in the body, the causes of which should be investigated. 
  • Infections: if your dog’s ears are very hot and you notice that he tends to scratch or shake them often, it could be due to an infection such as an ear infection or the presence of an annoying earworm.  

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Dog has hot ears, what to do?

Once you have ascertained that the heat in your dog’s ears is not due to a physiological cause, first try to cool your pet down by having them drink some cool water in a quiet area and wet the back of his neck with a damp cloth. You can also use cooling wipes such as Ferplast’s Genico Fresh Marine. 

But remember! If after about fifteen minutes your dog’s ear temperature has not dropped, you should call your vet. 

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