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You know almost all of our products, but did you know how they evolved and how they became our best sellers? We visited Aldo Cappozzo, Head of Research and Development, who has seen many ideas born and made a reality at Ferplast.

Ferplast retractable leashes are one of the best-selling items of all time, but do you know when the first became available?

It was in the ‘90s after Ferplast had sensed the importance of creating a product that satisfied the new needs of pet owners. It had proven necessary to invent a dog lead with a long cable and a retraction mechanism to bring the animal back. It may seem like a simple object, but several months of study and research went into the design of the first and then subsequent Ferplast retractable leashes. The plastic components had to be evaluated, it had to be drop-resistant, support loads of up to 70-80 kg, be subject to wear and tear, withstand the weather, be comfortable to hold in the hand and last for many years. But not even all these characteristics could intimidate Ferplast!




So, can you tell us about the evolution of the Ferplast retractable leash product?


The first one designed by Ferplast was the Flippy in the late ‘90s. In the early 2000s came the Flippy Deluxe, which was subsequently restyled into the Flippy Tech and then the Flippy Controller, with a new and patented function concept. Over time, in fact, Ferplast has always listened to new market demands and, in this specific case, the enormous request for leashes that no longer had a loop handle but with a solid one. Thus, we were equipped to meet the wishes of our customers.





Why does the market change?


There is no specific reason, but if our clients want a certain type of product, we do everything to be able to provide it. The retractable dog lead is a small concentration of technology.


When did a real change in this sector occur?


For us last year, in 2014, there was a real transition to a new generation of dog leads. We wanted to rethink the product from scratch and so we did. We reflected upon and tested the best technologies. We did ergonomic studies to create a leash that is comfortable in the hand. We sought out the best products on the market with regard to the components, such as the handle, the cord and the internal roller. We reviewed the button mechanism. Last but not least, we studied the design, a shell that could contain all of our project. Not even on this did we settle. Rather, we developed the concept of an interchangeable cover that renders your leash unique. As a result of all this work, Amigo was born.


Thanks for this passionate account. Soon we will report even more about Amigo, the dog lead with interchangeable covers that is already proving a big hit!







Grazie per questo racconto appassionato, prossimamente vi racconteremo meglio di Amigo, il guinzaglio con le cover intercambiabili che già sta spopolando!


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