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Cane gioca con Puller di Ferplast
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Among the most fun activities that we can do with our four-legged friend, playing is in first place. Playing with your dog is good for your health and your mood.

With the arrival of spring, dogs want to run around in the countryside even more and are always happy to try out new games. Playing with your dog allows you to form an even stronger bond with him, as well as having educational value and being a necessary activity for his well-being. Doing it in the open air, with Ferplast dog toys, makes everything even more fun.

The importance of playing with your dog

Playing time is very important for our four-legged friend. Thanks to this stimulating activity for body and mind, the dog learns to respect the rules that we, the owners, give him. It’s important, while playing with your dog, to talk to him often and encourage him, so that he learns to recognise correct behaviours. It is better not to have long play sessions lasting longer than fifteen minutes, as in educational games the dog loses concentration and in physical games over-excitement could lead to injury. Playing with your dog on a daily basis has a positive influence on your relationship with him. Fido learns to recognise us as his pet parents, to obey us and to trust us.

Playing with the dog in the park

Taking your dog to play in the park is the most productive way of spending sunny days with him. The dog feels free to run and explore and, why not, to try out new games to play with us. Ferplast has designed a series of games to play in the park for training your dog and having fun with him.Cane gioca con Puller di Ferplast

Multifunctional games: Puller

Puller is Ferplast’s interactive game designed for dog education and training. It consists of two rings made of sturdy but at the same time very light material available in standard, midi, mini and micro sizes. The non-toxic and odourless material does not damage your dog’s teeth and, on the contrary, stimulates the development of the mouth muscles.

The game is designed to teach the dog three different activities, running, jumping and pulling.
With running, the aim is to teach the dog to take back objects and to increase speed and agility. Keep in mind that Ferplast’s Puller is not a just a chewing toy, so if your dog does not want to release one ring, simply throw the other one to him and he will drop the first one.
Jumping improves your dog’s attention and reaction skills. Once he has grasped one ring, the second should be thrown to him immediately so that he learns to react quickly to stimuli.
Throwing, on the other hand, improves strength and endurance.

Cane gioca con Puller di Ferplast

Fetch games: Ball throwing bat and soft rubber Frisbee

Another fun game involving dog and owner is the ball-throwing game for dogs made of thermoplastic rubber. It consists of two balls, one tennis ball and one flashing ball, and a bat to throw them far away and pick them up without bending over or getting your hands dirty. All you have to do is extend your arm over your shoulder and throw the ball forward in a quick, decisive movement. The game is designed to improve the dog’s speed, reflexes and stamina.Cane gioca con gioco lancia palla di Ferplast

The soft rubber Ferplast Frisbee, is latex and high-quality materials that guarantee fun in total safety. It is a throwing and retrieving game and improves your dog’s speed and reflexes.Cane gioca con frisbee di Ferplast

Dental games: biting toy

The dog’s dental toy made of thermoplastic rubber, which can also be used as a fetch toy, has an uneven surface that has a massaging effect on the dog’s jaw and contributes to the health and care of the mouth. If thrown, the dog will run to catch it, so it can easily be turned into an interactive game to stimulate Fido’s reflexes.Cane gioca con gioco da mordere di Ferplast

Being outdoors and playing with your dog is a time of sharing, which helps you establishing a strong bond with him. Games are fun ways to stimulate our four-legged friend’s body and mind and teach him new commands.

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