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Cane in casa su cuscino Ferplast
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Having a dog or a cat to share your days with means always having a buddy. Living with animals, however, involves a few extra activities.

Especially in autumn, animals lose a lot of hair and keeping the house clean is not always easy.

Animals shedding hair around the house

If you live in a flat and keep your animals indoors, you have to deal with the cleaning and hair factor on a daily basis. It is not always easy to keep things tidy. During the change of season, dogs and cats are prone to shedding, resulting in copious hair losses. 

It should be remembered, however, that animals that live indoors, as they are not subject to particular temperature changes, tend to lose their hair throughout the year.

Tips to remedy hair loss

The only solution to the hair loss problem in the house is to vacuum the floor constantly, fro example with a programmable robot that also reaches the corners of the house. For sofas and cushions, on the other hand, it is better to opt for a portable hoover, which is more practical and easier to handle.Dog with pet parent at home

Animals leave a bad smell

Animals in the house, especially dogs, can sometimes leave a rather strong smell. This is due to the nature of the animal itself. Fido, for example, likes to roll around in places that give off a strong odour, which then lingers on his fur.

Tips for eliminating odors

There are basically three methods to overcome the odors issue.

Air the house often, and perhaps light some scented candles.

As well as airing the house, it is important to take care of your pet’s hygiene, washing him and brushing his coat with brushes from Ferplast’s GRO Premium line, a range of products suitable for all types of coat. 

Oral hygiene is also fundamental: to reduce the formation of plaque and tartar, for example, there is Smile by Ferplast, the dental toy for dogs with meat-flavoured bicarbonate crystals.Dog at home with Smile by Ferplast

Tips for keeping your dog’s paws clean

Especially on damp autumn days, it is very likely that your dog will come home from his walk with rather dirty paws, as will your cat. To clean our pets’ paws it is advisable to use specific products, such as Genico Fresh by Ferplast, alcohol-free and quick-use wet wipes.

Living with animals at home brings many advantages, both in terms of the company they keep us and our psycho-physical well-being. In return, however, they require some additional care to keep the house clean. 

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