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The luckiest of us have a nice house at the lake, sea or up in the mountains, but even Fido can now have a nice cool and airy summer house without having to travel for hours.

Aside from the classic dog houses for the garden, Ferplast offers a wide selection of solutions with special – patented – walls that can be lowered to become a cute little shaded veranda.

CANADA and DOGVILLA dog houses are distinguished by their special openings. Canada has a front wall opening system that is patented: it comes down completely and becomes a little terrace with supports to lift it off the ground and make it even on any surface. Warm in winter and cool in summer, it is made of wood. If, on the other hand, you prefer a plastic dog house, the ideal solution is Dogvilla, an outdoor dog house with a patented side-wall opening. Here too the wall becomes a terrace, but it also gives your dog the option of the other door. It is cool and always dry thanks to the built-in ventilation and water drainage system.

These openings also make it very easy to wash the dog house of our hairy friends, above all in summer when they should be cleaned out more often to stay clean and hygienic – after all, they spend a lot of time in there!


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