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“Brrrr! No way I’ll set my tail outside, not even if the world’s largest bone is waiting for me out there!” If dogs could speak, this could be a common response to our invitations to go out for a walk. Perhaps that’s what Poker thought, too – until he got dressed up for winter in a nice warm parka. Alberto is our guide in Vicenza today. For his sweet furry friend, he picked a water- and windproof lined jacket, with a hood and faux fur, of Ferplast’s Bau Bau Moda line.

Many dogs loathe going outside in the winter, but according to Alberto his Chavalier King loves strolling through the city and going to restaurants, as he’s very polite and loves being in the company of his owner and his friends. The jacket selected for today has a built-in collar: once in place and fastened, just hook the leash to the pendant above the collar. Alberto states his opinion on the jackets: “I have an entire collection for Poker, from lighter jackets to waterproof ones for rainy days and for the autumn, and heavier ones, like this parka. I like having him around with me when I go out, but of course I don’t want him to feel cold. Not to mention the fact that the jackets look very nice and are very trendy. I match them to the leash or to my own outfit”. If you have photos of yourself and your pet, post them on your social networks under #loveferplast. Lots of surprises in store for you.





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