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If you have an old dog at home, you’ll have noticed how his habits have changed and how his rhythms have remarkably changed since the times he was a puppy. As the years go by, it’s normal to see that your dog is getting weaker. But fear not! Just try to keep him close and take a few precautions. One of the conditions that are frequently observed during this phase is incontinence.

Incontinence is a medical condition characterised by loss of voluntary control over urination. This can create significant discomfort for your friend, worsening his quality of life. First of all, don’t get mad if your doggie starts peeing out of the blue, maybe even on your carpet or on his own bed: this is common with old dogs, especially as they sleep, or when they get up all of a sudden. Worrying about him is fine, but the important thing is to take care of the problem, or attempt to reduce it.


Here are 5 good rules to follow if your dog is incontinent:

1) ELIMINATE SALTY FOODS FROM HIS DIET. Toto’s diet must always be followed by his veterinarian, and in such health conditions, even more so. In any case, completely eliminate from his diet any food with high salt contents, as salt draws fluids, increasing the need to pee.

2) GIVE HIM PLENTY OF WATER. Unlike what you probably imagine, reducing daily water intake is wrong. Water contains minerals that are crucial for the wellbeing of any living creature. Hydration improves tissue oxygenation.

3) USE AN ABSORBING PAD. Even though dogs usually don’t like “going potty” near the place where they sleep, leave an absorbing pat next to or above the mattress. Your dog will certainly feel less embarrassed peeing on it, rather than risking soiling other parts of the house.

4) HAVE HIM WEAR HYGIENIC DOG PANTS. An excellent alternative to keep your dog from soiling your entire home, which in turn would make him feel guilty, are hygienic dog pants such as the ones by Ferplast. These are elasticised “panties” that adapt to your dog’s body, very easy to wash, and designed to be used with hygienic pads. Perfect to sleep in, or when your dog must be left alone for a long period of time.

5) GO FOR A WALK. Take your friend for a walk in the morning (be careful not to overdo it), as moving will help him strengthen his muscular sphincters, which tend to weaken and lose tone as they age.


Follow these simple tips will help your old friend to avoid incontinence and get better from it faster!

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