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Here we are once more with Luca, who will be hosting us today at his Silver Dog by Cornedo Vicentino grooming parlour to give us a few simple but effective tips on how to take care of our furry friends. Today is the turn of short-haired dogs!

How many of you have decided to adopt a short-haired puppy, convinced it would be quicker and easier to groom and there would be less shedding involved? Sorry to break the spell, but even when Toto has short fur, he will nonetheless require specific grooming rituals and suitable brushes.


First of all, get your hands on three types of brushes:



  •  You’ll need the trimmer to remove the dead undercoat, which these short-haired dogs have. It must be removed to allow new fur to grow healthy. Just use one of Ferplast’s trimmers, with a very practical replaceable blade that easily removes all excess fur.


  • The rubber glove acts deeply and removes the primary fur. Not only does it rearranges the fur, keeping it trim, but it also makes a delightful massage on your dog’s skin. Our GRO 5933 glove was designed specifically to generate this sensation of wellbeing and cleanliness.


  • The hairbrush is used mostly to remove the last hair and dirt or dust stuck among the hairs, and is perfect to keep your dog’s fur soft, glossy and well-groomed. Ferplast’s GRO 5922 brush has semi-hard bristles that are delicate and pleasant on the coat.


When grooming a short-haired dog, always brush in the direction the hair grows, taking special care not to scratch your friend’s skin. Start with the trimmer, to eliminate the dead undercoat, especially on her neck, thighs and shoulders, then switch to a rubber glove to eliminate primary hair and give her a nice massage. Wrap up the session with the hairbrush to remove dirt and make her fur look glossy.


True, grooming short-haired dogs can be more practical, as short fur requires simpler interventions less frequent than long fur – once a week is enough – although these breeds usually have plenty of undercoat. When they’re shedding, brush them more often, two or three times a week.


Just copy Luca’s movements – easy as pie!

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