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If you live with a cat, you absolutely must have a toilet, an essential accessory for a healthy domestic management of your feline friend, as it is inside that he will do his daily business. Discover Ariel, the newest model of toilet with sieve by Ferplast, designed not to waste litter, but always taking into account the cleaning needs of your cat.

Ariel litter tray by Ferplast, the technical characteristics

The toilet is used by the cat several times a day, so it must be practical for him but also easy to clean for us. It is essential to choose it of good quality, preferably made of plastic which is a hygienic material and can be washed and disinfected quickly.

If you are looking for an innovative model, the Ariel toilet by Ferplast is the one for you! This litter tray is made of solid plastic and is equipped with a sieving system that avoids waste of litter, while ensuring a comfortable, clean and dry place to the animal. The cat is a very picky animal even against its droppings, so the litter tray must always be well sanitized!

The range of cat litter tray Ariel also includes the model Ariel 10 Plus with a removable and limiting frame and the version Ariel 10 Home, a covered toilet complete with a flap door that is darkened and very comfortable to carry around as it has a practical handle.

Litter tray with sieve, how does it work?

Ariel is very simple and fast to use, even a child can do it! There are four steps to follow once the cat has made his business inside:

  1. Lift the perforated base.
  2. Sift the sand, letting it slide down into the tray, making sure it separates from the dirty one.
  3. Throw the dirty, thickened sand which is left on the sieve.
  4. Integrate new clean litter into the still usable sand that remains in the standard base.

In a few moves the work is done! For the correct functioning of the Ariel sieving system we recommend to use fine-grained litters like sand. Do not use coarse-grained gel litter or chipboards.

Toilet with sieve Ariel, what are the benefits?

We guide your choice towards the toilet with sieve Ariel for many reasons. First of all it is intuitive and functional in use, has 2 removable bases to facilitate cleaning operations, does not require hygienic bags and allows you to remove the dirty litter while keeping the clean one, avoiding unnecessary waste of product. It can be moved from one room to another in the house with ease thanks to the limiting and comfortable edge and in addition has a shape designed in such a way as to allow the feline friend to gradually get used to pee and poop in that precise place.

Our model Vick loves it!

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