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December is here and that means it’s time to start thinking about what to give our friends, family and, of course, our pets! If you need a few ideas to get started, you’re in the right place! Here are some of the many trendy Ferplast items that will make your four-legged friend happy.

It’s never a bad idea to give a pet, or its owner, a nice new accessory. In fact, it’s a great idea that both will appreciate and enjoy. A simple gift can often become something used daily for months on end with pleasure! Bags, pillows, pet coats, food dishes, collars and harnesses, there is a wide range of items out there to meet every need, and every budget!

Dog and Cat CUSHIONS are gifts that always hit the target. Before you head out to buy one, remember it’s important to know how big the pet is! Cuore (the Italian word for heart) is a super romantic pet bed that is, obviously, heart-shaped. It is not only soft and super comfortable, but it is easy to wash and perfect for four-legged princesses of any breed! Candy, on the other hand, is ideal for lively, playful males and comes in various colours. It too is easy to wash in the washing machine.


How about a nice red LEASH, very chic for outings during the holiday season! Chrome Nylon is perfect for dogs of any size and because it is made of a hardy chain of metal mesh with a nylon rope, it can handle all sorts of enthusiastic tugging. And if you feel like going all the way, then you can get the matching collar as well! Rex will look like Santa’s helper! The Joy HARNESS, on the other hand, is made of red eco-leather and has white rhinestone decorations on it, a wonderful gift idea for the dog that wants to be noticed on New Year’s Eve!

And dogs who hate the cold can be given one of any number of Ferplast-signed SWEATERS made of warm fabrics with a wide variety of patterns. But before you dash off to buy one, make sure you measure the length of the dog’s back properly: from his shoulder blades to the base of his tail.


There are never enough food and water DISHES in the house, so this is a sure-fire gift idea. They come in all sorts of materials and sizes. Which are our favourites for the holiday season? Gemma and Alena! Gemma is a classic round bowl with a lovely shiny finish embellished with a small raised bow. Alena, on the other hand, is red with white dots and suits energetic dogs to perfection! It even has a rubber base so that the food stays in the bowl – and the floor stays clean – as it is being devoured!


Headed into town? The Ferplast’s With Me Winter BAG is a total must! It has a soft inner lining and a warm faux fur trim. Your dog can now go everywhere with you, without ever getting cold!

So, did you find what you were looking for?

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