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Soft and furry, cute and cuddly, our four legged friends are what inspired the 2015 Swatch collection known as My Pet and Me, designed for animal lovers with a touch of fantasy.With cute names and pastel colours, the new 2015 Swatch collection was created to make us smile just when we need to the most (at the office, for example, stressed out by work and wanting to get home). They lighten our day, the colours are really nice and our beloved furry friends are the stars of the design.

As we told you in a post a few weeks ago, this is the year of colours and printed designs, and what counts is bringing cheer to our daily lives, and to those around us.

This is what Swatch aimed to do by basing this collection on pets, and making their watches really unique and fun.

Wear them with a casual outfit, with shorts and a simple t-shirt, to add a fun flair that is sophisticated and fashionable too. They also go great with an elegant outfit, instead of your classic watch, so that you can surprise everyone with their cute little faces.

If you love your pet, you have to have one of these, maybe even one of the same colour as your Ferplast Amigo dog lead! The exchangeable covers come in a wide range of colours and we’re sure you’ll find the right one for you!


Share the love

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