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criceto corre sulla ruota gabbia Ferplast
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Is there anything to worry about if your hamster no longer uses the wheel? What are the causes and possible behaviors to adopt?

The wheel is one of the favorite pastimes for our rodent friends. If the hamster no longer uses the wheel, there are certainly some hidden reasons. These could be causes that are easily fixed, but it is always good to be sure of them.

Why do hamsters love the wheel?

It is well known that running on the wheel is hamsters’ favorite activity. In addition to being a fun pastime, it has very specific functions and helps keep our rodents healthy.

The wheel is very important for hamster well-being because it allows him to exercise. It also stimulates the pet natural propensity for exploration, becoming an extremely rewarding activity.

The wheel thus allows hamsters to maintain their psycho-physical balance and to let off steam, as they tend to be restless animals. Hamsters can even make 10,000 spins on the wheel during the night. The hamster is truly a born runner!

criceto va sulla ruota Ferplast

What to do if your hamster no longer runs on the wheel?

It may happen that hamsters decrease the time spent on their favorite game, or that they don’t even use it anymore. This behavior can arise from various reasons, and it is important to investigate the possible causes.

Old age

If your rodent is getting older, a suspension or a decrease in physical activity will be perfectly normal. As they age, it will become increasingly difficult for them to move as they once did, including running on the wheel.

Health problems

If your hamster does not use the wheel, he is probably not feeling well or is in pain somewhere. In these cases, daily physical activity is significantly reduced and it may happen that your pet tends to stay hidden.

It is not recommended to completely remove the wheel from the cage, as this would destabilize its habitat. Although many hamsters experience difficulties, they still use the wheel, decreasing the running time.

For this reason it is preferable to block the wheel only for a few hours a day, until they heal. In these cases make sure that they can compensate for this lack with other pastimes such as tunnels or stairs. 

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Unsuitable habitat

The hamster’s cage represents their whole world and there are some precautions to observe so that they lives peacefully. In fact, the lack of some important components or a wrong measurement could affect the health and well-being of your small pet.

Ferplast has many alternatives to find the perfect home for your hamster! Laura is equipped with all the tools and comforts she needs. Built on two floors, the cage also has tubes on the outside, where your little pet can play and let off steam. It is also possible to connect it to another housing section through tunnels.

The hamster is pregnant

During pregnancy it is very common for hamsters to decrease their running time on the wheel. In the days following the birth, they may even suspend their daily physical activity for some time

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Poor nutrition

Beware of your rodent’s nutrition! If the hamster does not run on the wheel, the reason could be traced to insufficient nutrition. The little animal will be led to reduce the running time to try to save energy.

In fact, running on the wheel involves a large consumption of energy. If your hamster is an avid runner, he may need more food than nutritional standards.

In conclusion, if your hamster doesn’t run on the wheel there could be several reasons. It is necessary to study the cause to guarantee your hamster’s health and a good quality of life.

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