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cane seduto su cuscino Ferplast
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Dogs are protected by their fur, but in some cases this is not enough to protect them from the cold.

There are some tips and advice to prevent your pets from suffering from cold temperatures. Protecting your dog from the cold is essential to ensure his health and well-being. Here are some tricks that will surely come in handy as this cold season progresses.

cane husky cuccia in legno da esterno Ferplast

Wooden outdoor kennels

Outdoor wooden kennels are an excellent compromise for your pet, especially during the winter months. In fact they are weather-resistant, guarantee excellent thermal insulation and help protect your dog from the cold.

It is important that the wooden houses are treated with non-toxic and ecological paints and produced with selected materials. Ferplast kennels meet all these prerogatives. They are water resistant and made of FSC™ certified Nordic pine wood. Therefore they are also a sustainable choice.

The Baita and Domus models are the most suitable for this type of requirement. The roof is sloping and can be opened to ensure easy and regular cleaning. There are different sizes, all equipped with plastic feet to prevent the kennel from touching the damp ground.

cane husky cuccia in legno da esterno Ferplast

Correct nutrition

Not everyone knows that your dog’s food is also of vital importance and will help protect himself from the cold during the winter. As temperatures drop, your furry friend will tend to burn more calories.

If your dog is used to spending a lot of time outside even in winter, small feeding tricks will be important. It is essential to always guarantee the right amount of energy.

It will then be useful to increase your pet’s daily portion of food or include a food supplement in its diet. On the contrary, this will not be necessary for dogs who usually spend their time indoors.

cane su ghiaccio con pettorina rossa Ferplast

Winter clothing

Sheltering your dog with warm and resistant clothing is not just a habit. Animals with a thin coat, puppies and older dogs suffer most from low temperatures. That is why it is necessary to shelter them with the right gear for their needs.

Coats and capes

To protect your dog from the cold, you can opt for the classic coat or water repellent cape. The choice in this case is really vast. For this reason it is important to select quality items.

Ferplast products are created with hard-wearing padded and windproof fabric and with integrated collar to fasten the leash. The sizes available are many and suitable for each breed. These coats are perfect for keeping your dog warm outside, even in unstable weather and during evening walks.

Alternatively, the Nikita Fur harness by Ferplast is fantastic, perfect for winter walks. It consists of an easy-to-wear harness, with an internal faux-fur lining, available in various sizes for small and medium-sized dogs.

cane pettorina imbottita guinzaglio Ferplast

Padded shoes

Other useful accessories to protect your dog from the cold are padded shoes. They help repair your furry paws in case of minor wounds or lacerations. The non-slip sole also ensures greater ease of grip in slippery situations of snow, rain or ice.

Ferplast’s Protective Shoes are easily machine washable, available in various sizes and adjustable thanks to their Velcro closure.

cane con scarpette imbottite caldo Ferplast

Coat care

Particular attention should be given to dogs with medium or long hair. Especially in the winter months it will be important to brush them frequently. In fact, there is the possibility that knots form in their hair. This favors the accumulation of snow and ice residues, which are annoying for your pet.

It is also recommended to clean and dry fur and paws with a special cloth once you return from a walk. However, the practice of cutting the hair during the winter months is highly discouraged. Keeping their fur allows your dog to better protect themselves from the cold.

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