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bambine natale con cane corgy regali Ferplast
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Dogs are in all respects members of the family. So why not prepare them a Christmas menu just for dogs?

Here are our tips for creating a pet-friendly banquet!

Organize a corner especially for him

Both for you and for your dog, even the eye wants its part. This means that, for the occasion, choose new bowls with the right colors and patterns for the occasion.

Among the Ferplast products we find many Christmas proposals. Some examples?

Party bowl. It is a colored plastic bowl that is very comfortable thanks to the side handles that allow a secure grip while on the move. In addition to this, Party is an eco-sustainable product. It is in fact made with material from industrial and post-consumer recycling, to protect the environment in which we live together with our animal friends.

Gemma bowl. Perfect for the occasion, it gives a touch of refined elegance to your home! Thanks to the glossy enamel embellished with a small decorative bow in relief, it also becomes a perfect gift for your pet.

Jolie bowl. The bowl is made of steel and equipped with a comfortable and light plastic bowl holder, in different colours. It also has comfortable side handles for an easy and safe grip. In addition, the lower edge is equipped with non-slip rubber feet.

Be careful not to use decorations and lights to embellish the area used for your Fido. They could in fact become a danger. Instead, choose decorations that cannot be ruined or destroyed.

ciotole colorate per cibo cani Ferplast

The Christmas menu

Just like our dinner or Christmas lunch, your pet also deserves a menu of excellence. What does it mean?

Focus on quality food. Choose special and first-class croquettes that your pet is not used to eating in his daily life. Blue fish, for example, is a food that dogs love but which is almost certainly not part of their diet.

Don’t give your dog leftovers. Especially if they are foods that contain sugar and are bad for your Fido.

Finally… lots of cuddles

The recipe for happiness for your four-legged friends? Cuddles. Lots of cuddles.

Christmas means surrounding yourself with the people you love.

Then prepare the warmest shelter for your dog, with blankets and a soft bed. An example?

The Cuddly bed is ideal for keeping small and medium-sized animals warm, especially during the winter season. Thanks to the fantastic and thick padding, it guarantees maximum comfort for your Fido.

So here are all the tricks for getting ready for a dog friendly Christmas!

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