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From catwalks to street style, the coolest garments and accessories for the 2017 spring and summer, with prints and multi-coloured effects – because we all know that bright colours in this period of the year are always the detail the makes a difference, when worn by pets big or small.

Spring is in full bloom both in the trees and in garments. This season, the greatest fashion designers have drawn inspiration from flower and tropical prints, and their creations pay homage to the beauty of nature and its colours.


When the sun is high in the sky, everything seems wonderful, and it’s no surprise we also feel like wearing clothes, shoes, bags and hats in cheerful, lively colours, like those of a rainbow.

You know we love giving our pets the chance to be up to date when it comes to fashion, so we can go out in matching outfits. We, too, have drawn inspiration from the current multi-coloured trend when we created our Fantasia collection. Collars, chest harnesses and leashes for all sizes and breeds – no season must-have has been left untouched by fashion.

guinzaglio_collare_pettorina_ferplast_fantasia_prezzo cane_carlino_passeggiata_guinzaglio_Ferplast

Our colourful range also includes our Arlecchino dog chest harness, made, as can be deduced from its name, with very colourful and eccentric prints – just like the clothes of Harlequin of Commedia dell’Arte. The detail that adds a special touch is undoubtedly its double face feature – a single object that can be used in two different versions.

pettorina_arlecchino_ferplast_per_cane collezione_ferplast_fantasia_cane acquistare_carlino_caratteristiche_fisiche

For this walk, Isotta is wearing the most gracious and romantic of chest harnesses, with a butterfly print, but there are many other alternatives available: hearts, coloured letters, hot dogs… Thanks to their plastic buckles, they’re easy to adjust, perfectly adapting to your friend’s body. There are four sizes available: XS, S, M and L. To create a fully multi-colour look, use the leashes of the same line, available in the same prints, they, too, in different sizes according to your dog’s size.


caratteristiche_guinzaglio_pettorina_ferplast carlino_razza_cane_caratterescegliere_guinzaglio_per_cane_colorato_trend_ferplast guinzaglio_ferplast_colorato_fantasia

A lively mixture of bright hues for a chromotherapy-approved look! Do you like them?


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