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Cats are very resourceful animals, with a very particular character, and although we’re biased and can’t deny it, we must admit that they’re marvellous animals! Cats are all very different from one another, in terms of different factors, but it’s their fur that stands out: some have short hair while others have very long hair, and their coat comes in countless colours. Let’s discover together which cat breeds have the most beautiful fur!

Cats are all wonderful, regardless of their breed or lack thereof. But there are some that do stand out for their original fur.

BENGAL. Sturdy and muscular, with a long, large, powerful body, Bengal cats have a curious, playful character, and tend to be very lively. The main characteristic of this breed is surely their spotted coat, that makes them look like little leopards. Having one prancing around your home will make you feel as if you lived in a jungle!


PERSIAN. Peaceful and calm, Persian cats look very regal, with their long, silky fur that can come in many colours – the most common being white, black, blue, red and cream. Some are two-coloured, others sport a black or blue-cream tortoise “print”, some are chocolate- or lilac-coloured.


RUSSIAN BLUE. This cat has a harmonious, slim body. Russian Blues are graceful and have long, thin paws. They’re easy to identify because of their short, very dense fur, in a uniform grey-blue colour, soft and velvety like no other cat. Fantastic to the touch.


SIBERIAN. Their semi-long hair is very dense and soft; it is particularly long in the neck, chest and tail areas. The colours officially accepted for the Siberian are the solids (red, black and tortoiseshell), blue, cream, and blue-cream. There are also silver and smoke varieties. Colourpoints are called “Neva Masquerade”. Siberians are very cuddly, subtle cats.


NORWEGIAN FOREST CAT. A large northern cat that reminds us of Vikings, but in spite of their majestic and somewhat wild aspect, it’s a very sweet cat that becomes a real, participating member of the family. Their semi-long hair includes a lion-like mane, and can come in many colours: red, tortoiseshell, cream, black, white, and blue; they can be striped, spotted, or colour-block.


ABYSSINIAN. These cats have short, soft hair, homogeneous throughout their body and always glossy, and come in many different colours: individual hairs are banded with different colours, a feature typical of wild animals, crucial camouflage in the wild. They can be reddish-brown, chocolate-brown, or a pale cream colour.


One thing is certain: keeping these cats’ coat always perfects requires some work and care, starting with proper grooming and including the use of suitable brushes. With straight, short hair, use one of Ferplast’s combined brush; for long hair, it’s better to use a deshedding brush.

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