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Who has more cats knows this well. Each cat has his own temperament and character. Despite this, most of them know how to be naturally affectionate and show affection in a unique way.

Want to know which are the 5 most affectionate cat breeds?

Persian cat

The Persian breed has a very long hairy coat and large round eyes. The ears, on the other hand, are short and stocky and are located on the upper part of the head.

Persian cats are among the most affectionate breeds because they are very calm and sweet. Great lovers of cuddles, they are always very helpful when it comes to receiving them. This aptitude may come from the fact that they are used to be brushed from an early age and therefore are very open to human contact.

Ragdoll cat

Young Ragdoll cat stroked by woman's hand at home. Friendship and love

Ragdoll cats are especially popular with families who have other pets and children because they are docile and friendly. It is a breed with a very long and sturdy build, with a round and broad head. The coat is soft and compact and can be long or semi-long, depending on the variety.

On a character level, Ragdolls are very affectionate. This depends on the fact that they have always been used to interfacing with humans and for this reason they are defined as particularly loving cats.

Main Coon


It is a cat of enormous size with a semi-long coat. It is native to the forests of Maine (USA), to which it owes its name. It can even reach 8-9 kg in weight in males and has a particular physical characteristic: the ears. These are in fact covered with longer tufts of hair. Its eyes have a slightly slanted cut that gives this breed a very regal expression.

Main Coon cats are very affectionate and love the company of their pet-parents. At the same time, however, they are not always available for physical contact. They prefer to choose when to be pampered.

Sacred of Burma

Sacro birmania

Like the previous one, the Sacred of Burma also has a very massive and long body. The colors of the hair range from seal-point, to chocolate passing again through red and cream, but always in the speckled version of the Siamese type. Finally, the ears have roundness in the extremities and the eyes are large and dark blue in color.

The Sacred Cat of Burma is always active and sociable. He loves being in contact with children and exploring the environment around him.


Animals: close-up portrait of blue-eyed Ragamuffin cat, looking at camera, blurred background

Finally, the last cat breed that stands out for its kindness is the Ragamuffin. It is a sturdy cat with a long tail and very fine fur.

Like the previous ones, Ragamuffin has a really accommodating and calm character. It is perfect for living in a large family and for this reason it is one of the most affectionate breeds.

Having seen the most affectionate cat breeds, however, let’s not forget that each cat has its own personality, which transcends the breed and everyone knows how to be sweet in his own way.

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