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The dream vacation for cat lovers is called the MeowMeow Cruise, a special cruise, now in its fifth edition, for those who love cats and relaxation. It’s a cruise ship full of those who adore felines beyond all else and that stops in wonderful places… all the right ingredients for a memorable vacation!

What is the MeowMeow Cruise?

MeowMeow Cruise is a cat-themed cruise for people who love to travel and love cats. Despite its name, however, cats are now allowed on board yet, but still, you will find all kinds of like-minded new friends, other people addicted to cats!

The idea for this cruise came to its founder Anna Conway, in 2015, when she realised that on her cruises she spent lots of time with people showing off their feline buddies in thousands of pictures, talking about cats and sharing their passion. Those of you who have cats know exactly what we’re talking about!

MeowMeow Cruise activities

MeowMeow Cruise is a five-night, six-day cruise open to anyone, but especially to cat lovers, as many of the activities are cat-themed. There is a welcome drink during which you get your MeowMeow Cruise Kit, a the MeowMeow Mixer cocktail party, group dinners and the MeowMeow Trivia game awards. The ship has 9 bars, 3 restaurants, 3 swimming pools, a spa, fitness centre, casino and disco.

MeowMeow Cruise 2019

The 2019 destination is a 5-day discovery cruise to Cuba, with departure from Tampa Florida on 12 October. Stops include Key West, Havana and Cozumel, so plenty of gorgeous views and crystalline water to enjoy. Prices are from 500 to 700 USD, plus expenses like insurance and service charges for another 240 to 290 USD.  We know that leaving Kitty behind is sad, but being land creatures maybe they would not enjoy the cruise as much as we know you will!

Knowing that those who love cats and perhaps can’t have one also participate in this great journey is also really gratifying. MeowMeow Cruise is the ideal place to make new friends and have fun sharing anecdotes about daily life with a cat.

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