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It can be very stressful to travel in the car with the dog, especially if it’s not used to it. To make the trip easier on everyone, you might think about keeping it in the boot with a security divider, an accessory that will keep everyone calmer and safer because the dog will not be able to roam about the car.

Dogs in the car: what the law says

You can, of course, take your dog with you in the car. But it’s a good idea to know the law that governs this. Driving regulations allow you to keep one dog on a lead on the back seat, or dogs in carriers, or, with the right barrier, in the boot. These laws were made to make sure the driver is not disturbed by the dog(s), nor the driver’s vision blocked.

Choosing the right Security Divider

Dogs don’t usually like being in small spaces for long amounts of time. They get bored, stressed or over-excited and make the trip a more difficult, especially if you have a long way to go. Using a barrier should not be seen as an option, but as a fundamental aid in keeping the dog, the driver and other drivers safe.

How to choose the right barrier? This depends on the size of the dog and its temperament; how easy the barrier is to mount and how much space it takes up. The best type is a solid structure that can resist the dog’s attempts to circumvent it! Compared to netting, solid structures are hardier, even though they may be harder to install (at least the first time around!).

Ferplast’s Dog Car Security barrier is hardy and reliable, entirely made in Italy and easy to put up. It attaches to the headrests of the back seat with an adjustable mount that fits a variety of lengths and heights. The best thing about it is that it fits into just about any type of automobile, so once you buy it, you can take it with you in any car!

How to mount Ferplast’s Dog Car Security barrier

It is easy to install the Dog Car Security barrier. Lift the headrests to gain access to the mounting pins they rest on, loosen the two knobs of the barrier and bend them to a 90° position. Attach the barrier supports to the headrest pins and lock them into place with the Allen key. Set the height desired and lock with the Allen key, then incline the mounts using the two knobs. Attach the telescopic tubes to the mounts and regulate their length according to need. Voilà! The barrier is in place in no time! Ferplast’s Dog Car Cover is another ideal accessory to keep the boot free from dog hair and dirt. It comes in one size and is made of a durable water and scratch resistant material. The Velcro strap makes it easy to keep in place, and once folded it takes up very little room so you can take it with you everywhere!

Our little buddies Mila and Chaya love going for rides, but only when there is a barrier so that can be next to one another when they travel!

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