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Canário amarelo em uma gaiola Ferplast
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Domestic birds are companion animals that fill the home with joy and enthusiasm thanks to their lively chirping.

Some domestic birds that are particularly suitable for flat life, let’s see their characteristics.

Advantages of adopting pet birds

Like all pets, domestic birds need attention. Unlike dogs and cats, which suffer from the absence of their owners, birds rarely suffer from loneliness. 

However, they are sociable animals and need daily interaction. 

Domestic birds require less expenditure than other pets and, in addition, they take care of their own personal hygiene. They know how to give joy and enthusiasm and are also particularly intelligent.

Pet birds suitable for the flat

The most suitable pet birds for living in flats are canaries, parakeets and calopsites.


Canaries are small birds that are suitable for living in relatively small spaces, provided that these are cosy and, above all, clean.

Among Ferplast’s canary cages is Bali Antique Brass, with an antique finish, equipped with removable dirt trays for easy cleaning. It is equipped with three perches, a swing and a mirror with a small bell.Canary in Ferplast cage

Cockatoos or parakeets

Parakeets are friendly birds that are easy to look after and educate. They are ideal for older people who want to keep their minds active, as they learn words and are able to repeat them.Blue parakeet in Ferplast cage


Calopsites are wild animals, that, if adopted at an early age, can become domestic birds. They are beautiful, colourful and extremely intelligent, which is why they require more attention than other domestic birds. They cannot speak, but they imitate sounds.Calopsite in Ferplast cage

Before adopting a pet bird

As with all other pets, before adopting a pet bird you must be sure that you can provide him with the best life. 

Furthermore, if you live in a flat, you should make sure that your pet does not disturb the neighbours. If, for example, your neighbours are annoyed by noise, it is best to choose a small, quiet bird that does not sing or talk too loudly. Calopsite in Ferplast cage

Although different from dogs and cats, domestic birds need care and attention, so if we know that we have to travel frequently, they may not be the most suitable animals for us.

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