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The dream of all cat lovers has come true: a city for cats will be operating in Tokyo for a few weeks. In a village of buildings and houses reminiscent of those of Studio Ghibli, the inhabitants are the felines and the guests are the humans!

The City of Cats is called Kichijoji Petit Mura. It is a small village dedicated entirely to felines, long recognised as the favourite animal of the Japanese. This colourful location reminiscent of a fairy-tale will amaze young and old alike!

The county of cat

The design of the City of Cats took inspiration from the drawings of Studio Ghibli, the famous Japanese film house for animated films. Immediately upon entering, there are fountains, colourful buildings, petite houses and real castles that house shops, cafés and artisan workshops (7 in all), where dozens of cool cats live in safety, sheltered from danger.

The main attraction is the castle Temari no Oshiro. It is a kind of cat café where you can relax over a drink, whilst also bearing in mind who is really in charge here! This place, furnished with objects and colours reminiscent of castles from fairy-tales, is so evocative that human children love it too.

The rules

One of the main rules for the many visitors who enter each day is not to touch the cats or pick them up. It is forbidden to use a flash when taking photographs or to feed the occupants. The cats are the hosts but above all, they are living beings that must be respected and loved!

In order to access the park and avoid entry queues, it is advisable to book a visit well in advance and to purchase the ticket ahead of time, which costs 9 euro on weekdays, 12 euro on public holidays and 5 euro for a night tour.

Japan is exactly just around the corner, but if you are lucky and have a trip to the Land of the Rising Sun in mind, don’t miss out on the opportunity to visit this enchanted kitty city!

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