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After a walk with the dog, it is recommended to clean him thoroughly before letting him get into the house. It is a useful practice not only for the hygiene of your home, but also for the animal, which can turn into a real cuddle! Here are our tips!

Just as when we return home we wash our hands thoroughly, after the walk we recommend a similar attention in cleaning your four-legged friend. All the more reason in this troubled period of Covid-19 emergency, we need to be even more careful.

Cleaning the dog’s paws

When the dog goes out for a walk, he lays his paws almost everywhere, he could step on small residues of glass, irritating liquids and urine from other dogs, for this series of reasons it is advisable to clean them before entering the house.

As also confirmed by Vets to clean the dog’s paws you must avoid aggressive and alcohol-based products that can cause irritation and itching, and instead use water and a mild soap suitable for the pH of the animals (without the addition of perfume). Obviously, bleach or human soaps should never be used!

How to wash the dog’s paws? Take a basin, fill it with warm water and add some soap; Carefully dip Fido’s paws and rub them with the help of a cloth, making sure to clean them thoroughly. Then dry them with a clean towel trying not to leave them damp.

If, on the other hand, you are entering a friend’s house or you are in a holiday resort and you do not have a basin available, you can use special cleaning wipes, which will be an excellent ally in many different occasions, so we suggest to put always a packet of them on your bag.

If the pet has small injuries to the paws, you must not give up the walkings, in fact if the dog wishes to take a walk you can make him wear practical shoes, which protect him from infections or problems that could arise through direct contact with the terrain.

Cleaning the dog’s coat after the walk

The dog’s coat should also always be cleaned upon returning from the walk.

We therefore recommend that you brush and clean it with pet wipes and give it a bath from time to time, using only dog shampoo. Do not over-wash, doing it often is harmful to the hairy, as you risk altering the lipid layer on his skin, thus exposing it to external agents, such as parasites and bacteria.

How do you clean a dog’s coat? After the walk, brush the dog, both on the body and on the fingertips, in order to eliminate the dirt. After washing his paws, gently wipe his back and stomach with a damp cloth dipped in warm water with a few drops of dog shampoo. Change cloth to clean his face – paying attention to his eyes and ears – and his private parts. Always be nice to the furry, this moment must be pleasant for him! Also in this case try to dry it well and do not leave the coat wet, because the dog could then smell.


Take a few minutes to clean your dog after the walk, everyone’s health is at stake!

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