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Do you want to spend a few days relaxing in the company of your dog and are you looking for itineraries and trails with breathtaking views in the mountains? The Dolomites, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, with rocks that turn red at sunset, revealing magical scenery, are just the thing for you. We have selected several interesting walks and excursions… so take note!

Autumn is a wonderful season for venturing up to high altitudes: spectacular colours, nature lit up by a warm amber light, animals busy gathering supplies before the cold weather arrives. It is an ideal and truly evocative moment for organising a trek with friends and with your four-legged companion.

The Thinking Christ Trekking Trail

The Trekking of the Thinking Christ is one of the most panoramic and family-friendly excursions for admiring the majesty of the Dolomites and, here in particular, of the Pale di San Martino mountain range. The tour lasts about 3 hours and the main difference in altitude is in the final part, when you climb Mount Castellazzo, where the Thinking Christ, a statue with a thorny crown made of barbed wire from the First World War, is located. The itinerary starts from the Segantini lodge, which can be reached by setting off from Passo Rolle on foot or by shuttle bus, and it is well signposted.

Three Peaks of Lavaredo

The tour of the Three Peaks of Lavaredo is a pet-friendly excursion and really is a must. This trio of peaks is a true icon of the Dolomites, so imposing and majestic that, when seen in real life, they literally take your breath away. Where is the point of departure? It is possible to access the Three Peaks of Lavaredo from various places, namely from the Province of Belluno, from Auronzo and from Lake Misurina, from Valle di Sesto and from Toblach, on foot, by car or by using a shuttle bus service. If you want a fairly easy solution, we suggest you start walking from the Auronzo lodge. From here, the route can be covered in just over 3 hours: the slight difference in altitude and the well-kept trails make this route ideal for walkers and for less well-exercised dogs.

Lake Braies

Lake Braies is the largest lake in the area and is known as the “Pearl of the Dolomites”. Located in the northernmost point of the Fanes-Senes-Braies nature park, in summer it is famous for its emerald green waters, while in winter it is covered by a very thick layer of ice. In any season of the year, it is always a favourite destination for walks and trips. The circular route around Lake Braies can be done starting either from the left bank or from the right one and it lasts just an hour and a half. Nevertheless, we feel we should recommend it to the most enterprising people because, at a certain point, the path becomes narrow and steep. The best thing to do, until the water freezes over, is to take advantage of it and take short boat tours. Your dog will have a great time!

Are you ready to spend a lovely day in the Dolomites with Fido?

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