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Jack Russell terrier dog cold under blanket in bed
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With the arrival of winter, even your pet can suffer from the cold temperatures. However, there are some signs that help to understand if the dog is cold and therefore what remedies to adopt.

Especially if he is used to living indoors, he will tend to feel the effects of the winter weather more when he goes outside.

Here are the most effective ways to understand if your dog is cold.

The symptoms

There are some symptoms in dogs that help us understand if they are suffering from the cold.

Tremor. Tremor is the most common symptom. Just like humans, your pet will also tend to shiver if they are suffering from cold temperatures.

Limited movements. To try to keep warm, your pet will limit movement to a minimum. They will also tend to curl up so as not to lose heat.

Dry nose. Another possible consequence of the cold is the unusual nose dryness and the tendency to have more wheezing than usual.

The remedies

These signs show that your four-legged friend is cold. In this case it is necessary to act as soon as possible. The first thing to do will obviously be to warm them up, perhaps with warm blankets and towels.


If the dog lives indoor, place his bed in a comfortable place near a heat source. This way they can quickly find relief. The Memor-One bed by Ferplast is a warm and soft solution to ensure comfort for your pet and insulate it from the cold floor. Another valid and much appreciated alternative is the Cuddly long-haired plush sofa. Dogs simply adore it and would never want to leave it. The softness of this bed also makes it a valid anti-stress tool.

cane cuscino cuddly interno ferplast


If the dog lives outdoor, it is essential to protect him from the cold offering a protected shelter. Maybe under a canopy. The best solution is to set up an outdoor kennel, in wood or plastic, with an insulating mat such as the Jolly cushion for example. It is important that the kennel does not touch the ground, in order to avoid the passage of humidity. For this reason, all Ferplast outdoor kennels have insulating plastic feet.

Ferplast kennels guarantee excellent shelter for your dog from the cold and bad weather. You can opt for a plastic doghouse like Kenny or Dogvilla, or for a wooden doghouse.

cane in cuccia kenny ferplast

Problems caused by the cold

A dog that is cold and not properly cared for can experience some physical problems. The diseases that occur most frequently are colds, pneumonia, bronchitis and tracheitis. These are manifested by sneezing, coughing, watery eyes, fever and poor appetite.

The most sensitive breeds to cold

The relationship between the dog and the cold varies depending on several factors. The breed is certainly an important factor to consider. Based on his physicality and breed features, he will bear easily or hardly cold temperatures.

Your furry friend’s habits and physical activity are discriminating factors to consider. In general, however, short-haired, no undercoat and small-sized dogs are more likely to suffer from the cold. Just think, for example, of breeds such as Dachshunds, Chihuahuas, the Chinese Crested Dog or small mixed-breed dogs.

On the other hand, there are breeds much more prone to cold temperatures, with a thicker and warmer coat. Nordic dogs such as Huskies or Alaskan Malamutes have a physical conformation such as to resist even frost and snow without any problems.


cane pelo lungo cuscino memor one ferplast

So here are the signs that help us understand if our dog is cold and all the remedies to be taken to protect him.

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