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Cat arthritis is a widespread disease. Cats, just like humans, can suffer from this disorder, which is often annoying and painful.

Arthritis in cats results from damage to the cartilage, which is due to reduce and soften the rubbing during movement. It is a degenerative pathology, which over time can also lead to changes in your pet’s behavior. Let’s see the causes and what aids you can give your cat to relieve the pain.

Factors that favor cat arthritis

Osteoarthritis is a disease that mainly affects older cats. Over time, the cartilage tends to shrink more and more, especially in legs joints.

However, there are some factors to keep in mind that favor arthritis in cats:

Genetics: heredity and genetic predisposition are certainly factors that favor the onset of the disease.

Injury: If your cat has experienced a joint fracture or major trauma he may be more prone to disease than others.

Infections: Some infections such as Lyme disease or Ehrlichiosis can cause inflammation of cat joints, causing long-term adverse effects including osteoarthritis.

Overloading: cat arthritis can also be a result of excessive loading, especially in the front and back legs joints. The causes can be found both in overweight and in exaggerated movement.

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How to understand if a cat has arthritis?

Since arthritis is a degenerative disease, it is often latent in the first few months and is not easily recognizable. However, as time goes by, cats will show clear and painful symptoms.

• Cat general health will deteriorate, with a noticeable decrease in appetite and, consequently, with weight loss.

• Your cat’s behavior is also a clear and helpful signal. Fear, aggression and less willing to play are alarm bells that should not be underestimated.

• Your furry friend will also tend to move as little as possible, precisely to avoid feeling pain during movements.

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How to help a cat if he has arthritis?

This type of disease is irreversible. Your cat will therefore have to live with osteoarthritis, but there are some small suggestions you can follow to improve his lifestyle and make him feel less pain.

Nutrition is a factor that greatly affects the well-being of your pet. If your cat has arthritis, our advice is to establish a specific diet with an expert, combining this with little but healthy exercise.

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Trying to keep your cat warm will also be a relief for his joints. With the arrival of cold weather, we recommend a warm and comfortable bed. Coccolo Microfleece by Ferplast is an ideal cushion for all seasons. The front side is lowered in order to make the cat enter and exit easily.

Physiotherapy is always an excellent idea if your cat suffers from osteoarthritis. The regulated movement of the muscles, done by an expert, helps your furry friend to strengthen the muscle mass of his joints.

Supplements can also be of great help. There are various types, with a preventive or repairing function. It is always better to contact your veterinarian to make the right choice based on the progress of the disease and possibly use of anti-inflammatory drugs.

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Make everything practical and easy for your cat. Provide him with a comfortable environment: a litter box that is easy to get in and out of, lift his bowls, keep all his accessories on one level.

Bottom line, if your cat is diagnosed with arthritis, there is sadly no cure. However, following these tips will be a real panacea for your pet!

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