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Dogs need to walk and go out several times a day, but it’s getting cold now and the sunny days are giving way to cloud and rain, so what should we do? It’s simple. Go out with your dog all the same, wearing a nice raincoat matching Fido’s one!

The most important thing to know is that dogs are not bothered by the rain, the cold or the snow. It is often us, the owners, who decide that our pet should live a sheltered life, with the risk of traumatizing him as soon as he leaves his comfort zone.

Taking your dog out in the rain: useful tips

Our four-legged friend needs to move and be in out the open air, even when it’s drizzling outside; however, there’s a limit to everything and, for example, it’s best to avoid going out in a storm, because your dog could be very scared. To make it a positive experience for both of you, you should never force your dog to go out, but instead encourage him and lure him to the door by giving him a snack or by rewarding him with some treats during the walk. Your furry friend should not notice any difference between a rainy or a sunny day, so use any means to distract him!

Going out in the rain with your dog: drawbacks

Puppies and older dogs might get sick if they get wet. Pneumonia is the most extreme risk, but it is more common for water and damp to cause fungus infections or cause problems for your pet’s skin or the pads under his paws. The most important thing to do is make sure you dry your four-legged friend properly, paying attention to sensitive areas like the belly or the paw pads. Simply use a towel, shake him well and then brush him.

Accessories and raincoats for dogs

An effective way to protect your dog from water and rain is to put a nice raincoat on him, which is also very useful for preventing bad odours. There is a great variety of Ferplast raincoats, ideal for large and small dogs and available in different colours and materials. They are lightweight and have a handy hood, allowing you to protect Fido from the wind and rain. When wearing one of these, your furry friend will be able to enjoy a lovely day out in total freedom, but without any risk of getting wet!

Look how serene Chaya and Nala are and how much fun they are having even in the rain!

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