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Raise your hand if your dog has never stunk, even just once! That slightly smelly aroma – so as not to say stinky – is typical of all dogs, but some breeds of dogs seem to have a stronger version of it than others. Let’s find out which ones and why!

The aromas dogs emit can be caused by different amounts of glandular secretions, and these vary from breed to breed. However, bad smells can also be caused by inadequate diet, bacteria or allergy.

And let’s not forget the weather: rain and humidity makes bad smells even stronger! Here’s why: a dog’s aroma comes from the excrement of fungi and bacteria that thrive in the sebum his skin produces. When his hide is dry the smell is weak, but when he gets wet the water interrupts the connections that keep the microscopic particles together and volatile elements are released into the air, wafting into our nostrils.  Autumn is one of those seasons when we are most often regaled with this canine fragrance!


The smelliest breed?

1) YORKSHIRE TERRIERS. Size does not matter! These lively little dogs have a very greasy skin, so without proper grooming and dental cleaning they can become quite smelly.


2) LABRADORS. Playful giants who love puddles, Labradors also have greasy skin. This makes them very suited to the outdoors, but also prone to being somewhat less than fragrant at times.


3) COCKER SPANIELS. Sweet and loving, they too are a bit smelly. Both the English and the American versions have very sensitive skin and all they need to become accentuate their odour is a change in temperature!


4) PUGS. The many folds in their skin need to be cleaned frequently to prevent humidity and infections from setting in. Not only, but they also suffer from flatulence!


5) BASSET HOUNDS. They drool and have long floppy ears that can be the source of nasty smells if they are wet and dirty. These dogs also suffer from allergies that can cause infections in the ears and on their skin.


There are a variety of ways to keep your dog from being too “fragrant.” First of all, wash them with a delicate soap designed especially for dogs, and them make sure you dry them really well. Avoid using sprays or deodorants that really only cover up unpleasant odours. Another important thing you can do is brush your dog often to get rid of dead hair, and make sure you get all the knots out because this is where much of the offending dirt hides!

One of the best ways to prevent nasty smells is to dress the dog in a rain coat when you go out for a walk and thus protect him from the rain and humidity autumn is known for. Ferplast has designed a wide variety of rain coats that are ideal for large and small dogs. They come in a range of colours and materials to suit your taste!

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