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Our cats are the undisputed kings of the web, with their funny expressions and artful and amusing way of doing things. This month, we at Ferplast have literally fallen in love with these cute felines and we have decided to dedicate our feature to them: “Favourites on Instagram”. Here are some of the loveliest photos you sent us using the #ferplast hashtag!


As we’ve said a thousand times, cats love sleeping and they do just that several times during the day… both to recharge their batteries and also because their nature forces them to do so. There are those who fall asleep peacefully on the top shelf of a cat tree, those who can’t be separated from their very own Vega fountain (but didn’t cats hate water?!) and those taken by surprise with one eye half-open! How can you not love them?


Another characteristic of cats is that they are almost always curious about the world. Have you ever noticed that as soon as they see a new object in the home, they’re the first to touch it and try it out? These photos are proof of how our furry friends react when they receive a new Ferplast brand gift from their owner!


They can flatten themselves and squeeze into spaces that only seem fit for a Dover sole! As soon as they see a box or a hole, they squeeze into it without wasting a second… but that’s also one of the things that make us fall love with them! Some have mistaken the Magic Circle mental stimulation toy for a comfy little bed, while this kitty seeks refuge in the Tiger scratching tower-unit. You are all just too adorable!


All cats are funny, like natural-born comedians. When in the company of another cat, they are at their best and we dare not imagine how much mischief these two Bengal leopard cats get up to at home! Not to mention the number of expressions in their eyes: this little black and white cat doesn’t look at all happy about having his photo taken… hopefully he isn’t planning his revenge… or is he?! Everyone run for your lives!

Share the love

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