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Rainy days are a staple of Italian spring. Just be sure they won’t catch you unprepared! Not unlike us, our furry friends tend to prefer to stay at home when it’s raining outside. To convince them to go for a walk with us, nothing is more effective than a trendy raincoat. After its winter collection of jackets, Ferplast will make your jaw drop with its BAU BAU MODA City Collection, a collection of T-shirts and raincoats for all seasons!

Let’s start with a handful of raincoats that will make your dog jump with joy. Super easy to put on, light, waterproof and windproof, they’re perfect to keep your dog dry while going for a walk. It’s important to keep their fur dry, not only so they won’t feel cold, but also to avoid that “damp-dog” smell. Little Vasco, which we got to know a while ago, is so used to going out with his raincoat that he doesn’t even notice it anymore. After putting on the chest harness, it’s time for the raincoat, with elastic bands and a hole for the hook for the leash. The SPORTING model is available in two colours: Sporting Black (black and pink), and Sporting Blue (blue-green). They’re also equipped with a reflective band on the sides, perfect for evening walks. Available in 8 sizes, from small to medium.

No more excuses! Now you’ll be ready for anything – even for rain!








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