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Dog Agility is a dog sport consisting of an obstacle course that the dog must face in the established order: slalom, tunnel and cylinders. Of course, there’s always a handler giving orders and following the activity. The handler is not allowed to touch dog or obstacles, and can only communicate with the dog through commands. It’s a very important discipline for a dog’s health and well-being, and it’s also useful to reinforce the relationship between dog and owner.

There are several centres available for dog agility training, but we’d like point out a book you can use to learn some techniques to train with your dog at home: ABC Agility! Introductive guide to dog agility, by Francesco Boari. Once the basic technique has been learned, you can move on to teach advanced features to your dog, and you can have fun together.

Lay out a few obstacles in your garden and spend some extra time with your dog: it will help with its education and it will help you stay in shape, as your dog won’t be the only one running! It’s a full-fledged sport for you as well. This is why Ferplast offers a wide range of accessories to train your furry friend. Your dog will love the nylon tunnel, through which he must run at full speed. Agility weave poles are also useful. Ferplast also has an agility circle, consisting of 2 plastic poles that can easily be planted in the ground thanks to the anchoring devices in their extremities and a central ring through which the dog must jump. The agility course is completed with Jump, a small obstacle course you can adapt to your dog’s height. Are you ready to start this adventure? Fun time guaranteed, and lots of movement for everyone!









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