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As for the dilemma which we had already submitted to you and which concerned collar and bib, choosing between a folding leash or a traditional one is always a great problem. Ferplast proposes a wide variety of leashes, from the classic ones to the folding ones such as Amigo. Which to choose? We asked the opinion of two dog owners and to a veterinary, read what they think about it.


Gloria “I have a Labrador and to be honest it’s not very polite. When we get out I always use a classic leash, not too much long to have much control on Poldo. Usually when he sees other dogs or even people he has the tendency to run towards them. With the leash I manage to keep him better and not let him get away. I also feel that he too feels to be more controlled and, therefore, listens to me more. Therefore, for animals of this size and above all a bit lively I recommend to use the leash, there are many beautiful and very coloured and above all resistant.“

Giovanna “ I have a Chevalier King, he’s a middle-sized dog, like all other animals as soon as he sees some other little dog he comes close, however I must say that he’s rather polite. Therefore, I feel safe if I use the folding leash that I manage to handle with one hand, useful even when I have other bags to carry. Being much longer than a common leash I can let him greater freedom of movement, because I trust him. On the contrary, if we walk along a street I keep it folded and closer to me, to avoid any danger”.


The vest  “here’s no right or wrong leash to be used, but it’s important to assess the education of the dog. If he already “pulled” with a normal leash, with a folding leash he will do it even more, thus going where he likes. We must pay attention to the behaviour of our dog, above all if he’s too young a classic leash allows us to educate him better, allowing him to learn the correct distances to be kept between us and him. “


And you, which one do you prefer? Let us know!

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