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Although the art of keeping fish has evolved considerably in recent years, with aquariums of all sizes available on the market, the classic type that can be used for a goldfish, for example, are still the best loved and best suited to children, and can play a very important educational role. The sinuous movements of fish have always fascinated children, so why not create a small submerged world at home?

If you want to give your children a pet, but you don’t have space or the time to look after one, a small aquarium could be the answer. First of all, you need to choose where to put it, measure the space you have and consider how much it will weigh. Take a look at Ferplast’s extensive range – we have something to fit any space.

Along with the tank, you’ll also need to find the right filter and appropriate lighting. The filter removes toxic substances dissolved in the water, so you don’t need to replace all the water each time you clean it. The lighting system, on the other hand, simulates day and night to help the plants grow properly. Another useful accessory is a heater, to keep the water temperature right in line with your needs. All Ferplast aquariums are equipped with these essential accessories, which vary according to the size of the tank. For beginners, we recommend the Capri Junior model, available in bright colours and complete with a Blucompact 01 filter-pump and fluorescent light. All that’s left is to choose the fish and ornaments to decorate your underwater world.

Keep following our blog – in the next post we’ll teach you how to set it up, it’ll be child’s play!









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