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When a family welcomes a puppy into its home, it is not always very clear what and how much it should be eating. For the best advice, you should always go straight to a vet. They can advise you on the right diet for our four-legged friends. From 15th January to 15th February, Purina Pro Plan is backing “puppy month” in partnership with the Italian National Veterinary Federation, and the Association of Italian Veterinary Doctors.

Purina invites the owners of all dogs of between 1 and 12 months to have a check-up at a veterinary practice that is taking part in the campaign. Last year 38,000 puppy owners took part in Puppy Month. 80% of animal owners rely on vets to provide guidelines on a proper diet, which is fundamental from the first few months of a dog’s life. It is not unusual to see puppies who are slightly overweight, but this is something that is entirely in our hands, and comes from a good diet. How many of us have slipped Rover the occasional dog biscuit under the table? You could hardly make a worse mistake, even though the imploring look in their eyes is often stronger than our self will. Besides having an overweight puppy, a bad diet also has a bad effect on every aspect of our dog’s health. Put yourself in an expert’s hands, and sign up for the programme. For more information please visit


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