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We all know that practicing sports since we’re little is important, as it gives us countless benefits for the body and the mind. The novelty, however, is that recent studies show that all the benefits brought on by practicing sports are intensified if we do it in the company of our dog.

Sports lovers, fitness freaks, amateur or professional athletes: many Italians love running, and those that get bitten by the running bug in the company of their dogs grow in number every year. So much so that a new sport was created: canine cross.


Canine cross was created in northern Europe, and its purpose was originally to keep sledge dogs in shape in the warmer months when no snow fell. It then developed as a sport by itself, to the point that several competitions are now organised every year, along short semi-flat itineraries that range from 5 to 8 km.

Our blogger friend, Alessia Canella of Style Shouts, is a fan of canine cross. We spent a very fun morning with her as she tried canine cross with Isotta, her sweet and quite energetic Golden Retriever. “Running with a dog is decidedly more fun”, said Alessia. “You feel safer, and having such a companion running alongside powers you up; it gives me a level of energy that I honestly didn’t know I had!”


The advantages of practicing this sport with Fido are countless: it’s like a gym membership for free, it improves blood circulation and our mood, and it brings us closer to our dog. If that weren’t enough, a study by the University of Missouri shows that after three months running in the company of your dog, your speed improves 28% when compared with those that ran with biped friends.

The ideal places to practice canine cross are, obviously, natural environments: parks and the countryside are the best locations, with grass-covered and pebbled terrains, more suitable and less stressful for both joggers. For the well-being of your dog, it’s important to avoid running on the road, especially when temperatures exceed 20° C.


To practice this sport in absolute safety, all you need is an elastic leash, like Ferplast’s Ergocomfort Freetime. Just hook it to your dog’s chest harness and then to a belt around your own waist, and you’ll remain connected without having to hold it in your hand. Our Ergocomfort Freetime model is made of nylon and comes with adjustable padded belt for buffering, lined with reflective material so you can run with your dog in the evening. The leash is adjustable and has a particular terminal made of elastic fibre that buffers whatever jerky movement your dog may make. A practical solution to practice sports with your friend without hindrance, in full freedom and absolute safety.

ergocomfort_freetime_ferplast ferplast_ergocomfort_freetime_guinzaglio

A sport with a thousand benefits, which helps us be healthy and happy! Are you ready for a run?


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