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In warm towel after washing. Scottish fold cat is in the grooming salon with female veterinarian.
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15Cats are very clean animals. That is why it is not necessary to wash them regularly.

However, in some circumstances it is essential to help them with their cleaning. So here is how to wash cats, keeping them clean and fresh. 

Important steps in cats grooming

1. Washing cat hair

A cat is perfectly capable of taking care of his own hygiene. Nevertheless, on certain occasions, it may be more difficult for the kitten to wash himself. In this case, the pet parent can be a useful help. 


There are two possibilities: 

– to use a specific dry shampoo for cat hair, which is used directly on the pet’s coat without the need to add water; 

– to use cleansing wet wipes. Scented with talc, green tea, chamomile or marine water, they’re ideal for gently cleaning cats’ hair. They are also alcohol-free, making them non-aggressive and also suitable for kittens. 

The last piece of advice concerning cat hair is to brush it regularly every day. This will keep your kitten’s hair tidy and clean. The GRO 5955 brush, for example, is ideal for effectively removing dead hair and promoting normal hair growth. In addition to this, it is intuitive to use because by pressing the button on the back of the brush, all the collected hair is removed.

2. Wash cats’ eyes

The eye area of cats is very sensitive. That is why it is very important to take care of them in order to avoid infections, such as conjunctivitis, blepharitis and uveitis.

Here is what you need to clean your cat’s eyes: 

– a towel


cotton pads.

The steps: place water in a pot and bring it to the boil for a few minutes. Then switch off the flame and cool the water until it becomes lukewarm. Then dip the cotton pad into the lukewarm water and gently clean the inner corners of the eyes. Finally, reward your kitten with his favourite snack.

3. Cleaning cats’ ears

Pink ears in kittens are a symbol of good health. It is very important to clean the ears both inside and out so that they are extra clean.

In warm towel after washing. Scottish fold cat is in the grooming salon with female veterinarian.

Here are the steps for proper cleaning:

1. Cleaning the ears on the outside: with a towel slightly moistened with water and shampoo (suitable for cats) the ears can be massaged on the outside.

2. Cleaning the ears from the inside: you can either use sterile gauze by rolling it around your finger and removing the earwax from the inside out, or you can use special products. Simply pour a few drops into the ear, leave it to work and then remove the residue.

These are the basic steps to keep your cat clean and smelling good. The important thing is to be very gentle when cleaning and to reward the cat with its favourite snacks.

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