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Ferplast salute pappagallo malattie
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Parrots are animals that require a lot of care and attention, but at the same time it is often complex to interpret their language and what they want to communicate to us. So how can you tell if your parrot is sick?

When parrots have problems, they set off some hidden alarm bells that all pet parents should be able to recognise in order to intervene as soon as possible. Let’s see them together!

Symptoms of a sick parrot

Parrots are very complex and delicate animals and the symptoms of any diseases are not easily recognised. This is why, at the first sign of doubt, it is essential to contact a vet specialised in this type of bird. 

There are certain attitudes and details that can help you detect possible disorders and diseases in your little pet. Let us look together at the alarm bells characteristic of the most common diseases.


Observing your pet’s faeces is one of the first things you should do to check that it is healthy. If their consistency is very liquid, your pet is probably suffering from some disorder. It could be a minor problem such as a change in feeding, but it could also be an indication of a parasite, a virus or an ongoing infection. 

Even a cloaca that is dirtier than usual can be a sign that your parrot is unwell and should not be underestimated.

Diffuse tremors

Your parrot may be ill if it shows excessive and frequent tremors throughout its body. Birds in fact have an internal thermoregulatory system to control their body temperature. If your parrot trembles frequently, it could be a difficulty in regulating its temperature and therefore a symptom of some kind of disease. 

Ferplast salute pappagallo malattia

Loss of appetite

One of the most obvious signs that your parrot is ill is the absence of thirst and appetite. If your pet suddenly stops eating, he is almost certainly not well. It could have gastric disorders or be affected by annoying worms or other types of intestinal parasites. 

Apathy and lethargy

Parrots are extremely active birds that are always on the move and talk often. For these reasons, if your parrot is ill, it will certainly be much less energetic than usual. Tiredness, lack of movement and frequent sleeping are indicators of a possible disease.

Ferplast salute pappagallo depressione

Loss of plumage

The loss of feathers may occur suddenly, or it may occur because the parrot itself tends to detach them (self-deplumation). In both cases, it is a symptom of very serious problems. The causes could be severe stress, depression, psychological disorders, lack of vitamins and anxiety. 

Ferplast salute pappagallo perdita piumaggio


The eyes can also be an important indicator of your parrot’s health. This is a very common symptom that helps you understand the health status of your bird. A sick parrot will tend to keep its eyes half-closed most of the time. This is indeed an important sign because it indicates a lack of strength and energy.

Have you noticed any of these symptoms in your pet? Contact your vet and make sure that your parrot is not sick. 

Ferplast salute pappagallo occhi socchiusi

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