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Ferplast gatto butta giù le cose
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Anyone who has a feline prowling around their home knows very well that they need to be careful about what they place on tables and shelves. Cats have a tendency to touch and knock many of the objects they come across onto the floor.

This behavior is entirely normal and is mainly driven by curiosity. The explorative instinct of these pets is strong, but sometimes it’s not the only reason.

Cats knock things off tables out of curiosity

Cats are perhaps the most curious animals of all. One of the primary reasons they tend to knock objects off tables lies in their natural curiosity about everything surrounding them.

These creatures are motivated by their natural instincts. If they see something new or that catches their attention, they will investigate to understand what it is. This habit stems from their high intelligence and inherent predatory instinct.

Ferplast gatto butta giù le cose

Other reasons cats knock things off tables

Out of boredom

Did you know that a cat’s curiosity isn’t the only reason they push things off surfaces with their furry paws? If your cat is an indoor pet and doesn’t usually explore the outdoors or go on adventures, they might be seeking new interests and stimuli to combat boredom and loneliness.

That’s why some items on tables or shelves could become an entertaining diversion to cause a little mischief!

To get attention

As mentioned, cats are incredibly intelligent creatures who know how to exploit certain situations for their benefit. Your cat might be knocking objects onto the floor to garner as much of your attention as possible!

It may seem unlikely, but cats are very cunning and will seize any opportunity for their personal gain! They might want to play with you, get some affection, have you open the door to go outside, or perhaps desire a few extra treats to munch on!

Ferplast gatto curioso fa cadere oggetti a terra

What to do if my cat keeps knocking things off tables

If this behavior becomes increasingly frequent and bothersome, the first thing to do will surely be to anticipate any potential damages! Try to protect your most cherished and valuable items and ensure your home is… cat-proof!

This will undoubtedly be much simpler than expecting your cat not to push anything off tables. However, if this habit becomes overly persistent and almost obsessive, we recommend consulting your veterinarian or contacting an expert to understand the underlying causes driving your cat’s behavior.

Does your cat often cause trouble and knock things off surfaces too?

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