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Gatto bianco guarda albero di Natale
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The cat is a curious animal, and his hunting instinct leads him to chase everything that moves. Obviously, Christmas tree decorations are tempting.

By now the Christmas preparations are in full swing, but for cat owners, putting up the tree can be a challenge. Here are tips on how to end the eternal cat-Christmas tree struggle.

Why are cats attracted to Christmas trees?

For a cat, the Christmas tree is an amusement park and a gym to keep fit. He mistakes the trunk for a real tree trunk to climb or to use as scratching post. The colorful and dangling decorations stimulate the cat’s curiosity and awake his predatory nature. The decorating balls become toys to catch and bite.Tabby cat in front of Christmas tree

How to save the Christmas tree

There are several ways of keeping cats away from the Christmas tree, for example using oranges and their peels as decoration. Cats don’t like their smell, so they will stay away.

If we have a real tree, to prevent the cat from drinking water from the pot or digging inside, we can cover the ground with pinecones and pointed stones. Alternatively, we can protect the trunk with tinfoil. 

Care must be taken with the sharp, prickly needles, which are dangerous for the cat’s eyes if swallowed.

In the case of a fake tree, however, the best way to keep your cat away is to sprinkle the branches with citronella.

To avoid the risk of the tree falling on the cat, it’s best to choose a tree that is not too tall and has a solid base.Black and white cat under the Christmas tree

Choosing the correct position in the house

The tree should be placed in a safe corner of the house. It’s best to avoid placing it next to tables or shelves from which your cat can easily jump.

Getting your cat used to the Christmas tree

Before decorating the Christmas tree, it’s advisable to give your cat time to get used to the idea. Then, when it’s time to put up the decorations, keep the cat out of the way so that he doesn’t see it as a game.

Choosing the right decorations

We recommend choosing unbreakable, low-gloss plastic decorations, better if made of wood, felt or paper. Make sure they are safely attached to the branches. 

In addition, to prevent cats from gnawing on electrical cables, place them in cable ducts or cover them with insulating tape.Bengal cat near the Christmas tree, Alex

To ensure that your cat and Christmas tree arrive safely at the end of the holidays, you must take the right precautions, choose the right decorations and make sure that your cat is not left alone in the room. 

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