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Coniglio domestico dell'Allevamento Biancarota mangia il mangime per conigli
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The domestic rabbit is a twilight animal and, like any animal, has his own habits. His routine is marked by sleep, play and food.

Davide and Marika from the Biancarota rabbit farm in Casier tell us about the habits of domestic rabbits and give us some advice on how to educate them.

The typical day of the domestic rabbit

The domestic rabbit’s day is divided between naps, games and meals. Feeding, in particular, is very important. Rabbits’ diet must be varied, as close as the one of the wild rabbit.

Care of the domestic rabbit

Domestic rabbits take care of their personal hygiene by themselves, but it is the pet parent’s duty to take care of dental care and brushing, which is very important during moulting periods. 

Watch the video to find out more about the pet rabbits routine with the advice of the Biancarota Breeding Farm.

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