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Gatto-grigio-occhi verdi disteso su divanetto Ferplast
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Does your cat suck wool? Don’t worry! It is a completely normal behavior, even if it is good to be careful and possibly adopt some small precautions.

The reasons why your cat sucks wool

Early separation from mother

It often happens that many cats suck wool frequently due to an emotional need. Sucking wool is typical not only of kittens, but also of adult cats. It may happen then that your kitty pacifies blankets, sweaters, pillows and everything woolen it finds around.

The main cause of this strange behavior can be found in the weaning period of cat. In fact, kittens should be kept with their mother for eight to twelve weeks.

An early separation from the mother can lead wool sucking in cats for its softness and the warmth it gives off, a bit like their mommy!

tre gattini su cuscino ferplast


A tendency to suck wool more frequently has been observed for some breeds of cats, especially oriental breeds such as the Siamese cat.

It is not clear whether genetics is a discriminating factor. The Siamese, however, is a breed that needs a longer weaning period than usual. So here’s how this tendency of Siamese cats to suck the wool with more repetitiveness could be explained.

gatto siamese su cuscino Logan Ferplast


Well yes, cats can be stressed too!

The reasons are the most diverse, a change in cat’s habitat – such as moving to another home or a new member of the family – or the disappearance of someone present in the cat’s daily life.

All of these situations affect your cat’s behavior and can lead to wool sucking. It becomes a real stress reliever for him, which is useful for him to deal with the uncomfortable situation that surrounds him.

gattino bianco con cuscino Ferplast

What precautions to take if the cat sucks the wool?

The most wrong thing to do is punish this behavior. It is a common and natural behavior and the advice is to leave your cat free to suck wool without impositions.

However, there are some important precautions to keep in mind to prevent your cat from experiencing health problems.

It is essential to check that the wool fabric that your cat is sucking does not have fluff or dangerous parts. Ingesting pieces of tissue can cause long-term serious problems in the abdomen and sometimes even require surgical intervention.

It is therefore important to choose blankets and cushions carefully. Ferplast’s Logan blanket is excellent for cats that suck wool. It will keep your furry friend warm and help protect sofas and car seats. It is made with soft but very hard-wearing fabric, your feline will surely love it.

Another way to dissuade your cat from sucking wool is distraction. Offering him new hobbies and alternative games will help him focus on something else.

gatto con bambine e crazy ball Ferplast

Ferplast’s Crazy Ball will be pleasant fun for your furry friend! It is a battery-operated plastic ball that moves randomly inside a nylon sack, stimulating your cat’s predatory instincts.

So, if your cat sucks wool, don’t worry too much! Instead, try to meet his needs and pay attention to the objects he comes into contact with.

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