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Winters are boring for kittens. All cats love spending time hunting and exploring the garden, but when it’s cold, when there’s sleet or even snow, there’s nothing fun to do outdoors, and they run back in with their tail between their legs. How about some tips to keep your cat entertained in winter?

House cats usually don’t get the chance to go out and play, hunt and explore; although this means a less risky life, it can also get boring. The same happens to “countryside” cats during the winter, those that usually live outdoors when the weather is mild. This is where we should intervene, coming up with things they can do to lift their spirit.


Playing at home is very important for cats. Playing allows them to test their own reflexes, it breaks the meal-sleep routine, and stimulates their liveliness. It’s also a great way to keep physically active and prevent overweight.

Making your cat play is very easy, and, to be honest, there aren’t many other pets out there that play with as much enthusiasm as kittens do. Simple objects can be irresistible toys: a blanket, a pillow, a ribbon… Pretty much anything will catch their attention.


Meo, for instance, loves his Igloo bed/blanket by Ferplast, an accessory to be used on the couch where your cat can nap in your company and that easily turns into a shelter where he can hide for hours, undisturbed. But that’s not all it does: when a cat passes, it emits a strange noise, like a ruffle, your cat will love. Watch your kitten jump into Igloo like a mad dog and then pounce on you!


Have you ever seen a cat fighting a blanket? We have, very often! This blanket is very resistant and will remain intact regardless of how often your cat bites it hard, mistreats it, kicking it away with his rear legs like a horse.

If you want to be an active participant (and you should!), you can place your hand very carefully beneath the Igloo blanket and move it slowly back and forth, right and left. Your cat’s curious eyes will follow your hand like a laser point, until he decides it’s the perfect time to pounce on it. A feature that should not be underestimated is the strange noise Igloo makes when touched, something that will surely draw your cat’s attention: cats are known for their great sensitivity to all kinds of sound effects. It’s a toy that all cats love!


Another timeless classic are the classic sticks with feathers or hanging parts you can wave and move to make your cat run around the house chasing it, or any toy that oscillates and emits lights.

We’re absolutely sure that these tactics will reawaken the joyful and lively spirit of even the laziest and demoralised cat!


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